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The Oncology Resource Consultants consulting team is led by Nancy Bookbinder, Founding Director and President. With 25 years of experience as an oncology consultant, her consulting activities include oncology strategic planning for hospitals, health systems and physician practices, cancer center feasibility studies and space planning assistance, oncology program assessments, organizational structuring for cancer programs and cancer centers, radiation therapy and medical oncology physician practice assessments, hospital outpatient billing and collections operational assessments, oncology service line contribution analyses, and investigation of health care reimbursement issues. Analysis of cancer program components within the context of patient care, managed care, and Medicare are a primary company focus. Ms. Bookbinder specializes in facilitation of physician and hospital organizational structuring and integration of cancer programs and centers by and among hospitals and physicians. During her career in oncology, Ms. Bookbinder has served as a cancer center director for both an academic and community cancer center. Ms. Bookbinder is a graduate of the George Washington University and holds healthcare degrees from Columbia University and The Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health.

ORC's team includes staff consultant Laverne Booton, who joined ORC in 1998. Ms. Booton assists with medical oncology and radiation oncology reimbursement analysis, fee schedule analysis and development, financial proforma development, and market-share assessments. Ms. Booton is knowledgeable and experienced in third-party reimbursement, budgeting, physician contract analysis, financial statement preparation and analysis, cost allocation, financial software installation specification and maintenance, and physical property accounting. Ms. Booton has over 19 years of experience in healthcare finance. She holds a Bachelors of Business Administration in Accounting (BBA) from Augusta State University in Augusta, Georgia.

At ORC's corporate office, staff has provided cancer demographic analyses and cancer patient projections for the 25 years.

In addition, ORC calls on a group of attorneys, architects, experts in oncology nursing and operational issues, all with decades of experience in oncology issues and longstanding professional relationships with ORC.