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For twenty-three years Oncology Resource Consultants, Inc. (ORC) has helped clients foresee change, negotiate its course and successfully confront obstacles that may arise on the way. Working exclusively in the field of oncology, the staff has collaborated in the development of more than 750 community hospitals and academic cancer center programs in 46 states. Over the past two decades, ORC has worked on a variety of projects with more than a third of the NCI-designated cancer centers. In addition, ORC staff support oncologists and oncologic surgical subspecialists with positioning and planning in their practices or faculty practices. ORC also serves the international community, assisting with the development of cancer hospitals and cancer centers overseas. ORC has expert knowledge of payment issues for oncology services in all settings. The company is known for its ability to quantify the impact of payment policy for hospital and physician services. From its Rockville, MD corporate office, ORC monitors developments at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), and key Congressional Committees concerned with healthcare legislation. In addition to the Rockville, MD office, ORC has staff members residing in California and Georgia.